Re: [RFC] comm API re-design

From: Alex Rousskov <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 10:30:03 -0600

On 03/20/2010 01:04 AM, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> As you know I've already broken off the comm API for listening sockets.
> What remains is the comm API for creating connections. I'm going to
> start it sometime soon. Please speak up if you disagree, or have
> alternative suggestions.
> What I have it in mind is to extend the ConnectionDetails class (CD for
> brevity from here) to make it a bit more generic and hold data about
> remote-end and squid-end of the connection, with some comm-level flags
> about the content.

You can drop the Details part and call the class Connection, I guess.

> This would allow us to do a few useful things:
> * comm listening API fills it out and hands it to upper layers (as now
> but with more data and longer lifetime).
> * TLS/SSL operations could be done in the comm layer and the info
> embeded in the CD object. Instead of within each TLS-enabled
> component.
> * NAT and EUI lookups can be done in comm where they belong.
> * CD objects could be kept as-is and attached to running state instead
> of copied.
> * CD objects easily give up data about both ends of a link.
> * callers needing to create a connection need only fill one out like an
> application form and hand it to comm.
> This last shows it's real benefit with forwarding:
> * peer selection and outgoing-addr selection can generate a list of CD.
> * connect logic can walk the list attempting to get a success.
> * retries can be a true "retry each possible link N times" measure
> without multiple/single IP DNS results fuzzing some cases.
> * can begin to do true controlled 'resume' on alternate routes.
> * peer and route selection only ever gets done once per request.
> * failover for peers by name can be combined with tcp_outgoing_address
> selection.
> * tcp_outgoing_address can easily become async "slow" category.
> * sslbump can generate a CD for direct TLS connect and one for CONNECT
> re-wrap fixing the sslbump failover bug.

Looks good to me. Let's try to limit this to a _single_ connection. It
may be tempting to add fields like "other IPs to try", but that should
probably be handled in other classes.

Thank you,

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