Re: bug in beta 9

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Thu, 30 May 96 10:16:02 -0700 writes:

>If I try to shutdown the cache from the www-interface (the same occours by
>giving a 'killall -HUP squid')
>squid does not come up correctly:
>30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] objcache.c:113: Shutdown by command.
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] tools.c:173: Preparing for shutdown after
>1706 connections
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] main.c:166: FD 31 Closing Ascii connectio
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] main.c:176: FD 32 Closing Udp connection
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] comm.c:689: comm_select: select failure:
>(9) Bad file number
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] comm.c:1020: examine_select: Examining ope
>file descriptors...
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] comm.c:1033: WARNING: FD 27 has handlers,
>but it's invalid.
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] comm.c:1034: lifetm:0 tmout:0 read:420d54
>write:0 expt:0
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] comm.c:1062: examine_select: Finished
>examining open file descriptors.
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] main.c:359: Select loop Error. Retry 1
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] ftp.c:338: ftpReadReply: Purging
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] ipcache.c:913: ipcache_dnsHandleRead:
>Connection from DNSSERVER is closed.
>[30/May/1996:18:34:49 +0200] ipcache.c:914:
> Disabling this server ID 0.

These "DNSSERVER is closed" messages are to be expected. For beta10
I've made it so you don't seem them during the shutdown.

But there are also other bugs which have been fixed. They prevented
the shutdown from timing out, so it could take quite a while.

Duane W.
Received on Thu May 30 1996 - 10:16:03 MDT

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