Re: Access report generator

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Sat, 01 Jun 96 20:49:59 -0700 writes:

>I have noticed I am now getting an empty report.txt file when I run the
>perl scripts from your site This
>has only happened since I have enabled the "httpd" style access.logs.
>Must the option "emulate_httpd_log off" in the squid.conf be set for the
>perl scripts to correctly work?

No, but you need to use an option to 'access-extract' then. In
your version is probably '-o', but I just fixed it so that
the option is '-h" for HTTPD-style log.

Duane W.
Received on Sat Jun 01 1996 - 20:50:00 MDT

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