Re: ACL problem

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 96 08:15:01 -0700 writes:

>Good morning,
>my name is Fritz Buetikofer and I'm working for the university of
>Berne in Switzerland. I have downloaded beta17 yesterday morning and
>have installed it on a SUN Sparc20 under Solaris 2.5.
>SQUID is working as cache AND accelerator. I read in the Release-Notes
>that it is possible to set up ACL's for restricting external usage of
>the cache/proxy.
>So this is my question: how do I have to set up a correct ACL series,
>so that all internal users may access everything, but external users
>may NOT use the proxy ??
>Here's what I tried to do, but it restricts external users from accessing
>the accelerated HTTP server on the same machine:
>acl uninetz src
>acl uniserver domain
>acl localwww pattern \localhost:8080$
>acl localhost src
>acl all src
>http_access allow all localwww # everybody can access the localhost
>http_access allow all uniserver # everybody can access local servers
>http_access allow uninetz # local users can do anything
>http_access deny !uninetz !uniserver # external users may NOT use our prox

I believe you want something like this

http_access allow uninetz # local users can do anything
http_access allow !uninetz uniserver # external can access local servers
http_access deny all # deny everything else

Duane W.
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