Re: Need real SQUID hierarchies for experiment ...

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 96 09:09:01 -0700 writes:

>With this in mind, has anyone had any thoughts about updating the cache
>registration service with an (optional) feature that not only reports the
>cache server, but also reports the parents and neighbours (siblings) of that
>If every squid cache out there not only announced it's existence, but also
>announced *who* it was looking at as it's relatives, then it would probably
>be possible (although non-trivial, I'm sure) to get some kind of overall
>hierarchy drawn up in an automated fashion. Just think - we could have a
>world map of squid caches and their relatives created! :-)

We have thought about that before. In fact, we once tried to build
such a map from the registration database, plus asking all of the
known caches for their neighbors (via the cachemgr interface).

I think in order to make it work, we really need access to a list of
child caches (which as you know are not in the configuration file).
Each cache would need to keep a list of clients, hopefully distinguishing
between caches and browsers, and then somehow make that list available.

I'm sure some people will be concerned about the privacy implications
of this, but if enough people like it, we can add it to the feature
list for the next version.

Duane W.
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