Re: performance (was Re: cache not up to date)

From: Ong Beng Hui <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 20:22:13 +0800 (SST)

> With 128MB memory on a Sparc20, we're NOT handling the load properly
> running Squid, but we're close.

I wonder if you have any statistic from your cache.

My experience with Harvest Cache (not Squid) is similar.
I am with a local ISP in Singapore, having around 30++ thousand
subscriber. We don't enforce the use of proxy yet although
we strongly encourage them to.

We are having a DEC AlphaServer 4100 with 512 Meg of memory
and 50 Gig of disk space. We are increasing the disk used
by the proxy slowly to track the approximate memory usage.
Currently, we are using 24 Gig and have around 1.2 milions
hits per day with around 40 % average hit and 50+ on a
"fine" day.

For Digital UNIX, the max file descriptor is 4096 and
on peak hour, it can hit up to 600 in used and more.
We are monitoring the memory usage to prevent any
paging, if possible.

I believed that the current configuration is able to
handle the load but we expect the load to increase if
we were to enforce the use of proxy. It is a tough

Proxies have help our to save significant amount of
bandwith. and Bandwith in the region here in Singapore
doesn't come cheap.

Willing to hear more experiences on proxies.

Ong Beng Hui
...and they lived happily ever after
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