Problem after Crash

From: Bjoern `BJ` Tromsdorf <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 09:33:56 +0200


A few days ago our squid 1.0 Beta 17 crashed due to a power failure. The
cash was 2.5 Gig big. Now, after reboot squid (cachemgr.cgi) still thinks
its 2.5 Gig big but on the disk there is now only 500 Megabytes of data.

Now squid allways has "TCP_SWAPFAIL" errors.

- Is there a signal I can send so squid so squid rebuilds his logfile
  according to the actual data?

- Why did squid delete 2Gig of data after the reboot? No data was
  distroyed by the crash.


        Bjoern Tromsdorf

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