squid beta 17 wais relay problem

From: Edward Moy <moy@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 13:40:48 PDT

There seems to be a problem when the wais relay host requires a DNS

The debug output seems to indicate that given:
        GET wais://host.xxx/ HTTP/1.0
it does a DNS lookup of host.xxx (questionable, since it could just
package up the request and send it to the relay host without doing a
lookup, since WAIS is not cacheable, and neighbors/parents won't cache it
either). Anyways, when it gets to wais.c, it fails, if the relay_host has
never been DNS looked up.
To get this to work, I am using the IP address of the relay host in the
config file. One possible fix would be to do an DNS lookup after
configuration is complete, so it will be in the cache.

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