Virtual Hosting

From: Sam Eaton <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 16:20:44 +0100 (BST)

Ok - more stupid questions : I've solved my problems with using
http_accel mode with Apache, by binding Apache to localhost:80 and
running squid on www:80. I'll go and fix Apache not to return the port
number instead sometime soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped me solve that one!

My next question is - is there a way to make virtual hosts work using
Squid? I know how to set up Apache to do it, by binding to the
addresses I want - but how can I stick Squid in the way first - let's
say I have

I can set Apache to bind onto those two addresses and serve the
requisite web pages, no problem. Now if I want to use Squid as an
accelerator, will I need to put a copy of squid running bound to each of
those addresses passing requests onto the single copy of Apache bound to
each one but on a different port ? Like this :

request -> -> Squid1 -> Apache1:88
request -> -> Squid2 -> Apache1:88

So that there is one copy of squid for each virtual host, and only one
Apache??? This seems like a bad move as squid isn't exactly tiny....

So is there a nice way to make one copy of squid bind all the addresses
and then pass them on to one copy of apache, also bound to those
addreses but at another port, so that the virtual hosting works right?
Or am I doomed to failure.....



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