Re: cache.log errors

From: Steve Judge <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 22:12:01 +1000

Hello All,
        Got Squid 1.0 installed ok under linux 1.2.13 once i put the comm.c
and squid.h patches, I had to type in the code as i couldn't get the
patches to go in with patch comm.c comm.c.patch (all that came up was failed
Ok everything compiled ok just a few minor errors all the time:
`LITTLE ENDIAN' redifined kept on coming up.
But now in the access log when squid boots i have the error below:

[04/Jul/1996:17:19:42 +1000] main.c:277: Accepting HTTP connections on FD 16.
[04/Jul/1996:17:19:42 +1000] comm.c:896: commSetTcpNoDelay: FD 17: (95)
Operation not supported on transport endpoint
[04/Jul/1996:17:19:42 +1000] main.c:293: Accepting ICP connections on FD 17.
[04/Jul/1996:17:19:42 +1000] main.c:439: Ready to serve requests.
[04/Jul/1996:17:19:49 +1000] store.c:1373: 4096 Lines read so far.
[04/Jul/1996:17:19:56 +1000] store.c:1373: 8192 Lines read so far.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:02 +1000] store.c:1373: 12288 Lines read so far.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1514: Finished rebuilding storage from
disk image.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1515: 16012 Lines read from
previous logfile.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1516: 16008 Objects loaded.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1517: 4 Objects expired.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1518: 0 Duplicate URLs purged.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1519: 0 Swapfile clashes avoided.
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1520: Took 26 seconds ( 615.7
[04/Jul/1996:17:20:08 +1000] store.c:1522: store_swap_size = 217006k
[04/Jul/1996:17:49:02 +1000] comm.c:1175: commHandleRead: FD 14: read
failure: (104) Connection reset by peer
[04/Jul/1996:17:49:02 +1000] comm.c:1175: commHandleRead: FD 18: read
failure: (104) Connection reset by peer

Which i was also getting all the time under beta 17.

Steve Judge.
Globec Internet Services Pty. Ltd.
Received on Thu Jul 04 1996 - 05:17:10 MDT

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