Re: Trouble setting up hierarchy of caches

From: Peter Childs <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 23:49:21 +0930 (CST)

In article <4rofq0$> you wrote:

: Hi,


: I'm having problems setting up the following cache topology


: The firewall only allows traffic from Parent 1 to get through to
: Parent 2 and this is working, and has been for 6 months.

: I'd like to install a local cache, 'Local' on the picture, so that
: every request that can't be satisfied locally is sent to Parent 1,
: and if Parent 1 hasn't cached the page then it's sent to Parent 2 to
: be fetched.

: In the squid.conf file for 'Local' I've got a line that says
: cache_host parent 8080 3130
: Parent 1 is setup to listen to these ports.

 So if your "local" cache can't get it then it must go to the cache
 that can... (no if-buts-or mybes...) well since your inside a firewall
 perhaps a


 would be appropriate... read the default squid.conf on inside firewall
 and create "inside_firewall" entries for hosts and/or domains inside
 the firewall area (ie. directly accessable)

: Am I totally missing something here or should all(most) requests that
: can't be satisfied locally be sent to Parent 1?
: I haven't changed any of the ACL stuff, is my problem in this area?


: A copy of the relevant part of my cache.conf file is appended.



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