Squid Cache Stats OK

From: Michael R. Poyaoan <mrp@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 1996 08:27:16 +0800

Hello There!

  Many thanks to all your replies. I finally got the scripts to
  work. You were all right, I just needed the -h option to get
  them to work properly.

  I have a few more questions.

  (1) The access.log file is a very large file and it takes a
       very long processing time. Is it advisable to split the
       logs into weekly/monthly logs? Martin Gleeson's pwebstats
       program has a log-splitter script, is it ok to use this?

  (2) What can be used to convert the results gathered from the
       scripts to graphical HTML format? Pete Philips suggested
       FTPWebLog, any other options?

  I hope to hear from you all once again. =)

Mike =)

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