Followup: Squid v1.0/v1.0.1 problems under OSF/1

From: Craig Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 11:36:29 +0000

>Hi all,
> Has anyone noted problems with the later versions of Squid running
>under OSF/1, we've runn the earlier beta's successfully on this platform
>since early harvest days ... but the latest versions give 'connect failed'
>messages on nearly all retrievals.
> This seemed to start first with cgi related requests, but is now on
> Any notices of problems appreciated ...

OK ... I've had time to do a few more tests, and the behaviour I observe is
that the DNS request for addresses seems to be returning garbage addresses
for lookups. For example, user requests, squid farms
this out to the dnsserver, the dnsserver process returns,
squid then proceeds to attempt to connect to, thereby
getting a connect failed/refused.

I've examined some of the source to dnsserver and built a copy on another
OSF1 box (which worked BTW on my box, but refused to start with -t as an
option). How do I start the dnsserver processes correctly in debugging mode?

The cachemgr reports each address as ' 0 0' ... BTW, this
machines name resolution does work outside of squid, it's one of our DNS

Anybody got an other ideas ...

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