Re: Squid, Reload and cache hierarchies

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 96 11:39:01 +0200

On Wednesday 17 July 96, at 12 h 46, the keyboard of Duane Wessels
<> wrote:

> >Therefore, when a Lynx reload hits Squid, Squid sends an ICP request to
> >its parent which does *not* include the "Pragma: no-cache" :-( (Weakness
> >in ICP?) If the parent has the page in its cache, it sends it back and no
> >real reload was done.
> Hm, it must be that the object is returned in a HIT_OBJ reply?

Yes: the parent sees: - - [17/Jul/1996:17:44:03 +0200] "ICP_QUERY" UDP_HIT_OBJ 2337

> That can (and will) be fixed.

You mean, ICP will transmit the "Pragma: No-Cache"?

> >On the other hand, when Netscape reloads, Squid bypasses the hierarchy
> >because of the "If-Modified-Since" :-( (See Release-Notes-1.0.txt.) So,
> >the desire of Netscape to save bandwidth leads to more resource
> >comsuption.
> This can probably be changed too, now that Squid handles IMS a little
> differently.
> It used to be that Squid treated all IMS requests as MISSes. It would
> then forward the request directly to the origin server. One reason
> for that is because we expect most (95%?) of IMS requests will
> end up being "304 Not Modified."

Yes but the problem is that it is useless to have a cache hierarchy if a
reload does not update the whole hierarchy. More perversion: since the
parent is not modified by a Netscape Reload, a Lynx Reload will erase the
good copy on the child with the old one retrieved from the parent (yes, I
tried it).

> I can send you a patch to try....

On the child? OK, I'll try.

More general question on ICP which seems poorly documented (or did I miss
something?). Is it possible to transmit HTTP headers in ICP packets?
Other possibility: when a client issues a request with IMS
(If-Modified-Since) or "No-Cache", why not using only HTTP to retrieve it
from the parent? Therefore, the complete semantic would be transmitted.
This would not be too costly since such requests are probably uncommon.
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