Re: domain-based restrictions

From: Alexander Rainchik <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 19:04:48 +0400

>Something better than hacking squid for ACL would be a new tag in
>squid.conf: "Allow client only from local domain: yes/no"
>And it would be check against the local_domain value of squid.conf

Hmm, I'm not only thinkin' about local domains. I think it would be better
if "acl src" tag can accept ip adressess and domain-based expressions too.
Just imagine: "acl mydomain src" And it's possible
to convert ip addresses to FQDN only if this tag is active.

                                       Alexander Rainchik
Received on Fri Jul 19 1996 - 08:19:46 MDT

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