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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 13:24:38 -0400

>>>>> "Florian" == Florian Lohoff <> writes:

Florian> Why not checking the ACL's for which infos you need (Once on
Florian> startup) and then only extract those informations, pass the
Florian> structure by reference to the ACL routine.

I'll see you and raise:

Pass an allocated but empty struct by reference to the main ACL
routine. Each ACL subroutine uses the pre-parsed value, if available, and,
if not, parses it and inserts it in the structure (which then acts as a
parsing cache). The only hard part is making sure that the individual ACL
routines have access to the raw source data.

One problem with this is that it may be less efficient due to traversing the
MIME headers multiple times, instead of traversing them once in the
pre-parsing case.

Florian> Or do an intelligent ACL sorting algorythm that prevents parsing
Florian> complicated things if the URL or whatever already has been denied
Florian> on simpler information. (Read: Sort ACL by difficulty/CPU intense
Florian> of information parsing)

Unfortunately, order of ACL application matters, so it's up to the person
writing the config file to intelligently sort the ACLs.

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