Proxy problems

From: stephen white <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 20:16:57 +0930 (CST)

I received the following message from one of my users:

From: Jack Miller
Subj: Proxies


I noted that the proxies don't give you the latest copies of the web
pages when using Netscape (and I assume the other navigators are the
same). I had looked at the ABC Health Report transcript list and noted
the date and subject one day. On the next day I installed the Adam
proxies. When I checked the ABC transcript list web page, it gave me an
earlier copy than I had seen the previous day. Netscape's RELOAD button
gave me a copy of the latest page. I've had the same thing happen one
week later when the transcript list changed again. The proxie gave me
the old copy and didn't give me a clue to ask for a reload. It's
happened with the Trading Post's latest change in it's web page also.
First it loaded the old page, then when I asked for a reload, in came the
new page.

The way it currently works, there isn't a load time saving or reduced demand
via Internet because I end up trying reload most times just to see if I have
the latest copy of the web page.

The proxie should work by connecting to the desired page via Internet,
checking the page's date with the date on it's stored copy and if it has
the latest copy stored, send that to the user, stopping the transfer from
the Internet. If it doesn't have the latest copy of the page, it should
download the latest copy, pass it on and store it.

Am I doing something wrong?

Jack Miller
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