Re: Splitting the Cache Dir?

From: Guenther Fischer <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 09:51:34 +0200

Eric Wieling wrote:
> We have a spare 1gig partition (in addition to the partition for the
> cache) and I was wondering if I can tell Squid to split the cache
> accross the two partitions? I didn't see anything in the docs about
> it, but I thought It'd ask.
You can do it with the cache_dir in the squid.conf

cache_dir /www/cache1
cache_dir /www/cache2
cache_dir /www/cache3
cache_dir /www/cache4

They can show to different partitions. For large partitions it make
sense to define more than one cache_dir because you get more directory
entries for caching. One cache_dir 100 entries.

Attention - I think you loose the old cache if you add cache_dir lines
to squid.conf.

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