From: Steve Judge <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 08:00:20 +1000

At 07:26 PM 7/26/96 +0200, you wrote:

>Ok, further exploring the boundaries: what's with the accelerator
>functionality? Do many people use it? I would personally think that
>with more and more web pages becoming generated-on-the-fly and servers getting
>faster, the need for the accelerator functionality starts to diminish?
The accelerator is extremely useful here as i'm running squid as an
accelerator/proxy server. Squid is running on port 80 and my web server on
port 81.
I was running Cern as a proxy server before this on port 80 and when i
changed to squid it saved a lot of headaches with getting my users to change
their port in their configuration all the time.
Besides squid is doing a far better job than what Cern was. My main server
has never swapped yet under squid whereas with cern it was swapping every
couple of days!
Steve Judge.
Globec Internet Services Pty. Ltd.
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