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From: Carmine Di Biase <carmine@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 18:28:33 -0400

        Hi all,

        We do rely heavely on our squid proxy to save
bandwith but we're having troubles since we changed for
non beta17 version of it.

        Versions 1.0.0--1.0.5 just hang withour any error,
Stop accepting new request but continue running.

        Previus version just die. I have a script which
pool every minute if squid died and restart it.

        But now, I'm facing ramdom periods in which I can't
tell if Squid if working. I'm changing my monitor to
be smart enough to kill squid if it's now answering request.

        Is anyone experiencing this kind of problems?
What I want is to stop this behavior.

        Thanks in advance for your help

        Carmine Di Biase
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