Problem with ftp URLs and Passwds

From: Henning Schmiedehausen <>
Date: 4 Aug 1996 11:43:28 +0200

[ This is with squid 1.0b16 and 1.0.5 running on Linux and squid 1.x
running on Solaris. ]

When I try to retrieve the URL

I can get it with a Netscape Client from the Server but not through a

Reason for this:

Netscape tries to retrieve

from the host as user 'pic' with passwd 'pic'.

and squid tries to retrieve
from the host as user 'pic' with passwd 'pic'.

Please note the missing leading slash here. The homedir of 'pic' where
the ftpd sets you after connecting is '/pub/graphics/pictures', so the
relative ftp-transfer fails.

If you use

then you can get the picture via a squid cache. But now Netscape fails.

I don't want to start a religious war, which behaviour is correct. But
at least for me it seems strange, that I need two different URLs with
and without cache.

Or is this an FAQ and I should put my foot in my mouth? ;-)


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