Re: IP numbers in URLs

From: Bernhard Duebi <>
Date: Mon, 05 Aug 1996 13:05:33 +0200 (METDST)

On 10-Jul-96 Duane Wessels wrote:
# writes:
# >Hi everybody,
# >
# >Philips has a worldwide company WAN. Within this Intranet there are many web
# >servers. Most of them are not known in the DNS, so they are referenced with IP
# >numbers.
# >I have two non squid/harvest parents. One is a firewall and the other is
# >somewhere in the WAN. The firewall rejects all requests to servers within
# > My idea was, to fetch all URLs within the WAN and
# >(this is not the same) form the proxy and everything else from the firewall.
# >Though I setup the follwing rule:
# >
# >cache_host parent 80 7
# >cache_host parent 80 7
# >cache_host_domain !
# >
# >But how can I tell squid/cached to fetch URLs with IP numbers only from the
# >proxy and not from the firewall ?
# Bernhard,
# I'm not positive, but I think you can do it like this:
# acl WAN dst # list your WAN networks
# cache_host_acl !WAN
# If that works, please write back to the squid-users list and let everyone
# know.
# Duane W.

Sorry about the delay, but even Sysadmins need some vacation.
Ok, your hint works. I removed all cache_host_domain entries and changed to
cache_host_acl. It looks as follows:

acl WAN dst
acl Philips domain
acl SemiCon domain
acl Europe domain .ch .de .fi .nl .se .dk
acl NonEuro domain .edu .org .net .us .jp .tw
cache_host_acl SemiCon
cache_host_acl !WAN
cache_host_acl !Philips
cache_host_acl !Europe
cache_host_acl !NonEuro

The WAN acl I need to redirect numeric URLs to the proxy. The Philips acl I
need to redirect requests inside the WAN to the proxy. The Europe acl and the
NonEuro acl I use to keep the parents up, because they don't reply to ICP
Now my problem. is inside but
outside the firewall. With the SemiCon acl I wanted to tell squid to fetch the
requests always from the proxy. But squid always tries to fetch the pages
directly. Is there an other possibility to fix this problem than change
inside_firewall to none ?


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