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From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 96 16:20:25 -0700 writes:

>Defining Access Control List in the squid.conf file.
>I am looking at installing squid-1.1.alpha7 on an alpha Unix machine. But, I
can't find any detailed documentation than the comments in the squid.conf file
about defining the access control list inregard to controlling our ipaddresses
accessing other web sites.
>Can any-one answer the following two access control list questions?
>1. How many ip-addresses can the squid.conf access control list handle?

there is no limit.

> As I currently use the CERN 1.5v server which restricts our University
> ip-addresses to browse New Zealand(NZ) web sites only. I allow outside
> NZ browsing access to authorised sub-net addresses by groups that are
> defined in a separate file.(approx 1200 ip-addresses) I feel
> that the squid conf file would not be able to handle all these
> addresses. (Due to high international traffic costs we restrict
> international access to staff and some students.)
>2. Can you define an access control list of client ip address ranges, instead
> of specifing separate subnet addresses.
> (includes 1-100 subnet ipaddresses in client acl)
>instead of,, etc...

Yes, like this:

Duane W.
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