IBM WebExplorer and SQUID

From: Mikel Lindsaar <>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 96 15:35:29 +1000

I have a user who is using the IBM Webexplorer on a SQUID proxy and is
having problems. (which works on other browsers (even Amiga ones *8-] )

I have looked at the problem and SQUID returns the following when I try to
access "" which is a local www page (on the
ethernet) SQUID is set up not to cache the domain. The same
fault occurs regardless of what site is accessed. And we have tried
adding another "/" and removing a "/"

Has anyone seen this problem before? Is there a workaround? It seems
that the browser is not sending a correct URL to SQUID. Given that IBM
will respond with "Use a different proxy" is there any remote possibility
of figuring out a patch that says

if (ibmwebexplorer)
    "http:/" + requested_url

? Thoughts?

<TITLE>ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved</TITLE> <H2>The
requested URL could not be retrieved</H2>
While trying to retrieve the URL:
<A HREF="/">/</A>
The following error was encountered:
<LI><STRONG>Invalid URL syntax</STRONG>
<P>This means that:
    Please double check it, or ask for assistance.
<P> <HR>
Generated by squid/

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