Re: DNS lookup failures

From: Pierre-Yves Kerembellec <>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 10:15:56 +0000

On 10 Aug 96 at 12:10, wrote:

> Um. I guess that I was a bit violent in my statement about "ripping
> out" the ipcache system. I was a bit frustrated with what I perceive
> as unnecessary complexity in the address resolution mechanism. I
> can see some advantage to the method by which squid manages resolver
> queries through the external servers. The first resolver query
> may indeed take several seconds to respond.

... and meanwhile block all other activity in the proxy !

> So perhaps some startup performance is gained through this mechanism.
> I do not see any advantage to the current implementation of the ipcache.

Non blocking name<->IP resolution : a DNS request may take several seconds ...
and squid _MUST_ continue serving other clients during this time ...

> My primary argument is with the internal data-structure maintained
> by routines in ipcache.c. Based only on behavioral testing, including
> packet traces I assert that squid only makes use of the first ip
> address returned from dnsserver. Further, squid refreshes the
> cache infrequently. If squid stays up for a long period of time
> the ipcache becomes stale.

You've got some options in the config file to tune this behaviour (for
instance positive_dns_ttl, which change the expiration TTL for a DNS
entry in ipcache)

> I suggest that a better approach would be to make use of the
> dnsservers for every name query. Thus taking advantage of the
> cache maintained by named. I believe that it would be impossible
> for squid to do a better job of caching IP addresses than BIND
> already does.

You are right on this point ! ;-)

> It is unfortunate that the standard resolver api does not support
> an asynchronous interface. So a pair of routines that interface
> with the dnsservers and the select loop might be the best approach.

Yes, that's exactly what dnsserver does ... but the way asynchronous
DNS requests are made in SQUID is a little bit complicated ! ^_.

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