Re: Squid unstable

From: Franz Sirl <>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 15:32:01 +0200

At 08:50 13.08.96 -0500, Mario de Mello Bittencourt Neto wrote:
>Hi all, I am facing one problem with squid cache....
>I have been using this since beta but now it is "unstable". I have
>upgraded from 1.0.0 to 1.0.6 but I keep receiving Abnormal errors (I have
>included a sample of cache.log). I am using linux 2.0.7. What could it be
>? The only thing that has changed, from 0 "crashes" to 10 a day is that
>now I am using another router....

If you're doing a lot of internet stuff with your Linux box, I would
strongly suggest you to upgrade to Linux 2.0.1[12]. This solved a lot of
problems for me, now it behaves really rock-solid on our machine.
If you are suspecting your router, try disabling PATH_MTU_DISCOVERY during
the kernel make.
And also rerun squids configure everytime you patch it. Usually the patches
also change the configure setup.

(BTW, how is the correct way to feed configure/make with a custom
HTTP_XXX_PORT? I still have been to lazy to look it up ;-) )


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