Re: ttl bug?

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 96 15:39:39 -0700 writes:

>Hmm, trying to polish our squid-1.0.6 installation we encountered:
>[13/Aug/1996:18:20:55 +0400] ttl.c:187: ttlSet: Choosing TTL for http://www.d
>[13/Aug/1996:18:20:55 +0400] ttl.c:221: ttlSet: Server-Date: Thursday, 08-A
>-96 06:25:49 GMT
>[13/Aug/1996:18:20:55 +0400] ttl.c:286: ttlSet: [.S....D] -2.33 days http://
>This negative ttl, why? Looks strange, because default ttl should be 3.0
>days... :) Could anyone check this site with "debug_options 22,9"? Or this
>is my fault?

No, this is good. Well, sort of.

I'm guessing your cache fetched the object from a neighbor cache
(hence the Server-Date being a few days old). Squid now calculates
the TTL from when the object was originally sent by the source server.
I guess your neighbor has a longer TTL setting than you do.

This fixes the problem pointed out by Guenther Fischer where two
neighbors could keep sending each other the same cached page. Each
time it goes from one neighbor to the other, the TTL gets extended a
little so it always exists in one or the other, and never gets

Duane W.
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