Have I done something stupidly wrong?

From: Robert Thomas <rob@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 12:52:47 +1000 (EST)

Is there something here that I've missed? (I can only assume so) -
I've just noticed that squid 1.0.7 doesn't seem to want to cache
ftp's. -- at all. I noticed this the other day, when msie was
released, and all the users were trying, madly, to ftp it. (From
20 different sites, too. *sigh*.)

I've gone over the configuration file about 5 times, Put basically
everything back to default, execpt the site-specific lines (port,
cahe_dir, cache_host's etc etc), and it still isn't doing it.

Platform is:
Linux 2.0.11, elf bins, Pentium 166, 32meg RAM, 4gig Disk.

(setup with /cache1 and /cache2 being the cache directories)

Cache RAM is set to 20 meg. I was testing one specific file,
ftp://ftp.axxis.net/pub/kali/kaliw95.exe to be precise. It's about
880k in width.

In the store.log, I've seen this:

store.log:840104913.411 RELEASE 200 300 [ 5m] 905079/45675 4/GET/ftp://ftp.axxis.com/pub/kali/kaliw95.exe
store.log:840105619.374 RELEASE 200 0 [ 0s] 905079/905079 5/GET/ftp://ftp.axxis.com/pub/kali/kaliw95.exe
store.log:840105822.265 RELEASE 200 0 [ 0s] 905079/905079 9/GET/ftp://ftp.axxis.com/pub/kali/kaliw95.exe

(That was a direct cut'n'paste -- apologies for the >72 chars)

access.log:840105619.374 128330 TCP_MISS/200/NEIGHBOR_HIT 905236 GE
T ftp://ftp.axxis.com/pub/kali/kaliw95.exe
access.log:840105822.265 134233 TCP_MISS/200/NEIGHBOR_HIT 905236 GE
T ftp://ftp.axxis.com/pub/kali/kaliw95.exe

Access log is saying it's getting it from my neighbour, which is fine.

Shouldn't it be caching it locally after getting it?

Apologies if I'm missing something blatantly obvious here.

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