Re: FreeBSD malloc.c, -lmalloc, and squid.

From: Andrew Stesin <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 10:44:12 +0300 (EET DST)


As a result of a pre-2.1.5-release discussion,
I was under impression that libmalloc in FreeBSD-2.1.5 was going
to be a "libPHKmalloc" really, with old libmalloc going elsewhere.
From your message I got an impression that I was wrong. :(

As for me, I strongly suggest using phkmalloc with Squid
on any platform. Or gnumalloc at least. Default (standard?)
BSD malloc isn't usable.

                        Yours -- Andrew Stesin

| As an interesting point to note:
| Recompiling squid with*out* -lmalloc and using phkmalloc (malloc from
| -current) resulted in squid stabalizing, after about 13 hours of moderate
| to light use (1 hit/second) at 21M used. With the standard malloc and
| linking against -lmalloc, this usage was at about 35M under the same load
| after the same period of time.
| If someone's developing a FAQ, the above may wish to be a part of it.
| :) (Or mail me, and I'll send you a better formatted entry).
| Has anyone tried changing the configure script to _not_ link to
| -lmalloc under stock 2.1.5? I'd be curious about the results. My guess
| is that linking against the now-antiquated libmalloc causes squid to
| waste memory like there's no tomorrow, even when not using phkmalloc.
| -Dave Andersen
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