Re: FTP PUT from the Publish button of Netscape Gold

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 96 15:00:44 -0700 writes:

>Netscape 3.0b7 allows you to edit a WWW page on your PC and then hit the
>Publish button when you want to copy the file to the server. This works
>fine if I configure Netscape to have "No Proxies". However, if I
>configure Netscape to use our local cache, then Squid (1.0.6) gets in the
>way. I get the following error message:


>Two problems:
>1. The error message given earlier implies to me that the Squid
> software thinks I'm doing an FTP GET rather than an FTP PUT.
>2. My unencrypted password is in both the access and hierarchy logs.
> This ought not to occur.
>Is Squid behaving properly? Have I misconfigured something?
>Can I configure myself out of the first problem?

properly? I dunno. According to what?

Squid does not support FTP uploads at all. You are correct that it
always assumes an ftp:// URL is a GET request.

To support this, we'll need an 'ftpput' program, which may not
be too difficult to write since it won't have to covert any
output to HTML/HTTP. Any volunteers?

You might be able to configure netscape to go directly for
FTP PUT's. Their proxy config language should do that I'd think.

Duane W.
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