TTL_pattern matching and letters case

From: Adrien Hernot <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 17:05:40 +0200 (MET DST)


I would like to bring an idea which is for sure present in every Squid or
Harvest Cache user (message 1019, response 1023 and 1026). When using the
ttl_pattern field to avoid caching some objects, I sometime really need
a case-independant matching. For example, a host name adress ( for
example) is case-insensitive, that is I can ask for Gin.ObsPM.Fr or for
GIN.OBSPM.FR, I am talking of the same host (I mean, I think the standart
specification for host name is case-independant).
  So, instead of having :
ttl_pattern \.[Oo][Bb][Ss][Pp][Mm]\.[Ff][Rr]
i would prefer something like
ttl_pattern i \.obspm\.fr

which is easier to read and allow for more extendability (the 'i' field could
be added some choice as + for (matching1) AND (matching2) in the form :
ttl_pattern (matching1)
ttl_pattern i+ (matching2)

Well this is only ideas I throw, and because I use perl with matching,
I am used to a certain flexibility in the code I write.

Anyway, Thank you for making this free software which is of great help
to us here. Thank you.

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