Re: Suggestion to improve it

From: Andreas Strotmann <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 15:31:10 +0200

On Sep 3, 19:31, Christian Koenigseder wrote:
> 1.) A further variable in squid.conf, which enforces "squid" always to
look at
> first in the cache and if this is not successfully than to do an
> lookup. Only a "Reload" enforces to do a direct dns-lookup!

This is called the "Fast Demo Mode" in the Netscape proxy server.
> 2.) If a WWW-Page couldn't be found, since the dns-lookup failed, look
> additionally in the cache. If the desired WWW-Page is already in the
> use this one.

Point 2.) should be sufficient, because DNS look-up with the phone on the
hook should return failure with no delay. You might like to add a
parameter saying what to do about expired objects in the cache (perhaps
have connection-failure specific TTL patterns in addition to normal TTLs).

> Please give an short answer "YES" or "NO" if this will be implemented
The Netscape proxy server has already implemented roughly your suggestion,
with a few frills added. Perhaps you should buy their's?

[[I had to move from Netscape to Squid, but then heavy load is probably
not going to be your problem.]]



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