Re: Suggestion to improve it

From: Lars Fenneberg <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 19:16:29 +0200 (MET DST)


You, Martin Ibert, said:

> Lars Fenneberg wrote:
> > For the time being you could try to set up a caching only DNS server
> > on your squid host. This would prevent a lot of DNS lookups to the
> > outside world. But this will only work satisfactory if you have
> > a "dial on demand" line not if you start the dial by hand.
> Huh? It will only work if you dial by hand, not if you use dial on demand.
> If you dial on demand, every DNS look-up that cannot be answered from the
> cache will cause the PPP connection to be established (rather than the
> named to time out), which is probably not what is intended.

        I thought of it this way: if there is a cache hit, then the connection
        is not established (most of the time, when the DNS entry is not
        expired). But when there is a miss, the page is fetched directly. This
        should already cut down telephone charges. But you're right that this
        might not be enough.

        The problem with the "dial by hand" senario is that the user might not
        get the desired page even if it is in the cache, because the DNS entry
        has expired.


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