Re: squid-1.1-alpha15/16 FATAL storeAbort's?

From: Ivan Debnár <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 18:23:45 +0200

The same problem appears also on my server. It appers after I try to upload
a file from Fronpage thru a proxy and also it appeared when running Nescape
Navigator for the first time. Our other computers are using MSIE and the
problem did't occure except those two situations.

> From: Andrew Leahy <>
> To:
> Subject: squid-1.1-alpha15/16 FATAL storeAbort's?
> Date: 4. september 1996 14:23
> G'day Squider's,
> I'm just a newbie to this list and to squid caches, so I'm not sure if
> this is a "known" problem/issue with Squid, if it is I'm sorry to fill
> your mailboxes!
> We've been experimenting lately at replacing our CERN proxies with the
> Squid software, early indications looked fantastic! We're getting a much
> higher hit-rate, and the load on the serving machines is negligible,
> basically it's bloody brilliant!
> But... we're now experiencing problems with squid-1.1alpha15 on two
> one host is a SparcServer (Solaris 2.5) and the other is an AlphaStation
> (Digital Unix 4.0), both exhibit the same symptoms. These hosts are
> configured as cache neighbours and also peer with a SunOS 4.1.3 server
> running Squid-1.0.9 (which runs remarkably stable). During periods of
> I call "heavy use" for us (say 6000-8000 connections per hour), the 1.1
> squids will crash and restart every 10-30minutes. With an error message
> like this in the cache.log:
> FATAL: storeAbort: bad store_status
> Is this a symptom of a configuration/compilation problem on my end? Or is
> it a feature of the alpha squids! Any other pointers?
> Thankyou.
> Andrew "Alf" Leahy, phone: 047
> Unix Administrator,
> Systems & Ops, TASS, CCD, UWS Nepean
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