Re: Am I right in these assumptions?

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 22:58:02 +0100

At 13:44 06/09/96 -0700, Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
>Squid is used to cache URL, gifs, etc from outside sites. It's purpose is
>to make it so that *YOUR* customers/users, who may usually be connected
>to your network, can have much faster access to pages "out there".
>If I'm not really serving any customers directly dialed into my network,
>it does me no good to run squid. I'll basically be caching and using up
>all this memory and space for nothing.

If no-one was using it, how could it take up much space since the cache is
empty :-).

Seriously, squid can be used in httpd-accelerator mode whereby it is squid
that sits on port 80, while your web server runs on another port. When a
remote user connects to your web site, it actually connects to squid. Squid
acts as a cache and can serve up the request _far_ quicker than a normal web
server, and so speeds up remote access to the sites you host.

I say this from the point of view of a person who hasn't used it in this
config of course :-).

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