Re: Squid slow during cleanup

From: Mark Treacy <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 21:45:18 +1000

> The performance degradation is a major issue, with over 5,000 local users
> generating almost 2 million requests a week, as well as 6 squid neighbours
> generating another 4+ million ICP and TCP requests. Users report that the
> proxy performance is almost unbearable when it is in this state.
> Has anyone else encountered such a problem and have any suggestions?
Yes. Now that the "slow scan" expiration runs in 24 hours, it is primarily
a matter of sizeing your cache adequately and avoiding garbage collections
altogether. You're arrival rate into the cache would appear to be about
1.5G per day, so it's going to be pretty tough since it takes close to
24 hours to delete things in the background.
I'd reduce the default ttl to say 12 hours.

Ultimately, you need more disk (say 9G with a 5 day default ttl).
 - Mark.
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