Re: How to start squid?

From: Peter Childs <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 01:34:31 GMT

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: Hi,


: I am thinking about the best and most secure way to start squid.
: This time, I start it from a script that is invoked once at boot time, but
: that does not satisfy me. Because if due to any circumstance stopping squid,
: it is never re-started. How can I manage to be sure squid is always up?

 Some sort of script that checks for the process running could be one
 idea, but the problem with this is that the squid process could have
 entered a "hung" state (not that i've seen that for quite awhile)

 A solution to this is to say attempt to access the cachemanager
 "status" data or some such... no response means that the cache is
 either dead or zombied... so kill it and restart.


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