Re: All these "I want squid to cache xyz"

From: Nigel Metheringham <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 09:12:34 +0100

} > You're right; however, news is currently a *big* problem and there's
} >not yet a freeware (not even standard) way of improving bandwidth
} >usage/speed on news.
} What would be the effect of distributing an "nntpget" program
} with squid, analogous to ftpget? Minimal code changes, and
} it would let you proxy-cache netnews reading. Ignore proxying
} posts for now. Would that work?

News is a real **** to cache well - articles are easy (ignoring any
supercedes and cancels), but active, group and xover data is a real

Dnews is apparently meant to do a good job. nntpcache also looks
good (see - although that was unavailable in the
DNS yesterday!). I think that attempting to overload squid to do
this would probably be a real problem.

Unfortunately neither Dnews nor nntpcache is free, pnntp which is
free seems to have died a death and never implemented the cache side!


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