From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 08:23:34 +0200 (GMT)

Martin Ibert wrote:
> Oskar Pearson wrote:
> > Logging would have to be done at this level, and you would have to say
> > something like "acl deny !localhost", and then connect to the
> > original squid via (Or otherwise someone could just point their
> > cache at the correct "higher" port number...)
> So what? Wasn't it the intention of the person starting this discussion
> that his clients wouldn't have to configure their browsers? If someone
> manages this task, why shouldn't they use the proxy directly? That would
> save resources and is therefore a Good Thing.
Well, if you are interested in running it with all the security junk
I was talking about It isn't going to be much help... People
will just be able to bypass your security <grin>

> > Anyone want to move this topic off this list? (I know we linux junkies are
> > incredibly talkative ;)
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