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From: Richard Huveneers <>
Date: 13 Sep 1996 08:13:33 GMT

In article <>, bne@CareNet.HU (Balint Nagy Endre) writes:
>Technically Richard assumed that in some situations the filename component (sans path)
>may serve as an URN. Implemented the URN resolver by individual collection of
>appropriate files and with some C code.
>I got:
>!You don't have permission to access /local/rredir on this server.
>when attempted to access the directory found in the C source.
>The implementation is correct in doing that.

This is a restriction on our WWW server. I double checked it before posting the
source.. These files are for local download only. I wouldn't classify it as a
mirror either. We don't announce the URL. People are redirected to it, without
knowing it at all. We could even block all access to this directory except for
the machine running Squid. I hope this solves the legal issues too. We do not
distribute these files, not even locally.

>BTW. Richard, you didn't get false hits yet? *win*.{zip,exe,arc..} etc patterns in 8.3 name space may produce them!

Not that I know of. We only put files with "unique" names in the redirector
directory. This is a manual job. I guess I shouldn't put my homepage (index.html)
in there :)

In article <>, listas2@that.COM.BR (Nelson Posse Lago) writes:

>Why not just add a special rule in squid
>so that netscape distributions get cached *much* longer? ;-)

The point is that there are many mirrors around the world and our users tend
to visit them all.

Regards, Richard.
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