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From: Gudmundur Ragnar <>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 01:18:33 +0000 (GMT)


Squid is doing a great job of conseving bandwith here in Iceland.

> > >Why not just add a special rule in squid
> > >so that netscape distributions get cached *much* longer? ;-)
> >
> > The point is that there are many mirrors around the world
> > and our users tend to visit them all.
> Is there anyway that I could redirect all requests to
> to the same ftp site
> e.g., and then write a ttl_pattern
> rule so that this site only stays longer.

We have a real "problem/opertunity" and should try to find
a solution that is both simple and complete.

Not being a programer it looks quite simple to me and
I know exactly what should be done :-)

I recomend having a list (lists) that the proxy can get automaticaly
that would give the information of who is mirroring what.

We start with a system that works for the main bandwith consumers
but could expand to give better use of most mirrors.

What the list must tell us is:
Does this URL point to a mirror?
If so:
What is the actual "home" URL of the info?
This is the URL that gets used to access the cache.
If we do not have the file:
Is there a mirror that I could use in preference to the "home"?

The problems are that mirrors are broken, out of sync and
mostly only mirror parts of the source directory.
So for now we should look at the main bandwith burners.

If we have a file with a list of URLs that says something like:
ftp.mirror/path/to/bin/files/ <seperator> ftp.home/mirror/me/bin/

It could be used to build a database for lookups going from
mirror to home and for doing the inverse of selecting a
possible mirror to access.

(warning! farfetched idea (or would it be better to not have a
real home location for the mirror info but rather make some kind
of virtual domain that is the home of all mirrored stuff))

The source of this list can be found by sorting logfiles by
file names,revers path. But I would strongly advise that the
we would work together making such a list, that it would be
put in a public place and in human readable form.

Best regards
Gudmundur Ragnar
ps. :-)
this info could be an original idea. If so it is copy-left.
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