source_ping on makes squid slower

From: Nelson Posse Lago <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 01:11:45 -0300 (EST)

     Hi all,

     I initially configured Squid to use source_ping on, since routes
here in Brazil are very unstable lately and parts of the Net sometimes
just "disappear"; this way I have better chances of getting where I want

     Well, I noticed a lot of udp_refused on the logs, meaning (I guess)
that lots of places disabled the udp_echo port (I think this is the new
default behavior on Debian/linux). This probably has to do with recent
denial of service attacks on the Net (SYN floods).

     The point is, squid seems to get unhappy with this. Instead of just
ignoring the error, images or pages don't get through, etc. Is this
behavior normal, is it a bug or am I hallucinating? Apparently restarting
squid did't solve the problem, but turning source_ping off did.

     This is version 1.0.5 on an a.out Debian/linux system, kernel 1.2.13
with a few patches.

     And I still think there's a memory leak around here, for squid gets
larger and larger as long as it lives. I'm killing it now and then to
keep it below 10Mb.


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