Re: How do others handle multiple local domains?

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 14:24:53 +0000

On Tue 17 Sep, 1996, Jason Haar <> wrote:
>I could configure squid by IP address - but then doesn't that add a large
>DNS-lookup overhead? I'm not sure on that point as we are the primary NS
>for these domain - so all lookups are local - but I thought I'd ask.

It adds a delay to squid deciding if to treat the lookup local
or not, which isn't really a good thing, because it has to do
that lookup for *each* URL requested, and some are going to take
longer to complete.

I prefer to treat things the same whenever possible - do you really
need to worry about your local cache users accessing your local
domains a lot? Any specific users are probably going to configure
their browsers to not use the cache for their domain(s).

-- jrg.
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