Problems with 1.1-betas

From: Ernest Yik <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 22:01:44 +0800 (HKT)


        I have two machines here running 1.0.15 and 1.1.beta2. I've
met a problem that only occurs with the 1.1 betas. Sometimes when I go
to a certain URL through the 1.1b2, nothing returns from squid
(Navigator reports "document contains no data", lynx receives nothing),
but when I disabled the proxy (or points it to the other proxy), I can
receive the correct page. Sometimes a page will come up with a few
broken images, when I try to view the broken images, "document contains
no data" comes again. Reloading the page can sometimes bring back the
page and images. The 1.1b2 is running on a Linux 1.2.13 machine. Any
ideas? I can post/mail an 81-line log file if it can help. Thanks.

Ernest Yik
Received on Wed Sep 18 1996 - 07:01:55 MDT

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