ftp + netscape behind a firewall

From: Diarmuid Collins <diarmuic@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 96 19:09:29 BST

        I have done some research since my last mail
earlier today so my question is not a simple (naieve).

        The setup I have here consists of an Apache
server which is acting as a proxy.(on machine X1) (Squid
soon to replace it). This proxy server is sitting behind
a firewall.A port for http requests was opened and all
http requests are working perfectly.
        Today I opened ports 20 & 21 for ftp. However even
though ftp is possible from the command line from the web
server (machine X1) when I try to ftp from netscape I can't
access any site.

        I read on netscapes site
(http://help.netscape.com/kb/client/960513-36.html) that
netscape uses passive ftp when behind a firewall. I wonder
if this is my problem or does the existance of a proxy
server rule out this possibility.

Any ideas

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