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From: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 23:44:43 -0300 (EST)

> > We have a real "problem/opertunity" and should try to find a solution
> > that is both simple and complete.
> some sort of regexp url rewriting would be useful:
> e.g. if you wanted to redirect any request for netscape 2.02 or 3.0
> (both 16 & 32 bit versions) from any site to
> s=(ftp://..*\)\(n[13][62]e2.*\.exe\)=\2/
> s=(ftp://..*\)\(n[13][62]e3.*\.exe\)=\2/
> fortunately, there's probably only a dozen or two programs where this
> sort of redirection would be useful (e.g. netscape, msie, and other
> large & very popular packages which have lots of mirror sites), so
> maintainence of these redirection lists wouldn't be a huge hassle.
> Craig
        I agree!
        I already wrote a ttl_pattern rule for the netscape distribution that states
        ttl_pattern ftp\d*.netscape\.com/pub/navigator/3\.0 20160 50% 86400
        However, such a thing would be much more useful if your redirection rule was applicable, I would be able to cache only a particular site, not all netscape mirror sites.
        The above ttl_patttern matches any mirror.
        If there was an official (distribution source) regexp redirection module inside of squid, it would be just the solution.
        I've got a problem in working with patched ad hoc solutions. I've plenty of them already. I just can't start doing it with squid also, I can't even mantain what I already have.
        Any volunteers for this project? :)
        This could be an useful add on.

                Mario Ferreira.
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