Squid with ftp ...sometimes

From: Diarmuid Collins <diarmuic@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 96 09:03:27 BST

        I have Squid set up on my firewall and I have
a very strange problem.
I can ftp to ftp.netcom.com, but any other site
(eg ftp.funet.fi) I try will not work. I know that
the ftp connection is getting through (I get anonymous
access denied replies sometimes) .
        I just this reply from ftp.funet.fi
The following FTP error was encountered:, port 2605 (0) Error 0
This means that
        A local socket error occured

Any ideas
Received on Mon Sep 23 1996 - 01:03:44 MDT

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