Download jams in 1.0.16?

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:35:01 +0100

I'm running 1.0.16 on a Linux 1.2.13 (with some patches), and libc 4.6.27,
originally based (a long time ago) on Slackware 2.3.

With the following URL, squid always jams after about 350Kb or the 4.2Mb has
been downloaded:

The same is true of several other URLs at this site, but other than this
squid seems to run fine for all other URLs.

When it jams, if I do a netstat, I see:
tcp 22016 0 wwwcache.origin:1148 ESTABLISHED

Which means that 22Kb is sitting in the receive queue for that socket, but
for some reason squid isn't waking up. The log files don't reveal anything,
and I've tried to force reloads, and indeed a new connection starts up, but
it jams in around the same place (but not exactly).

I'll try and get some debug output, but obviously I'll have to set up
another squid to do this as this one is heavily used. I doubt I'll be able
to find anything useful because I'm not clear on how squid's single process
bits work, i.e. everything associated with the main loop that uses select().
(I think :-/ ).

Can other people get this to work? On linux 1.2.13 as well? TIA.

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