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From: Martin Gleeson <>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 23:52:39 +1000 (EST)

> Hi Squid users,
>Using the script "" written by
>Martin Gleeson, I've got the files
>"cache.convert" and "proxy.convert".
>What is the difference between
>"cache.convert" and "proxy.convert" ?
>It seems to me that they are similar, and have the
>same format.

They have the the same format, but cache.convert contains cache hits (objects
returned from the disk/memory cache), whereas proxy.convert contains cache
misses (objects retrieved directly from the remote site).

Those files can be used by any logfile analysis program that does hit/miss
analysis and needs logs in common log format.

The names are simply a historical holdover from the CERN httpd proxy server
log names (cache-log and proxy-log, if I recall correctly).

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