Re: Squid using too much disk space.

From: Andreas Strotmann <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 18:28:52 +0200

On Oct 9, 18:23, Claude Lecommandeur wrote:
> I'm using squid-1.0.5 and am having a problem for the second time.
> The problem is that suddenly the cache spool becomes almost full.

> Is there any know reason for this ? I suspect that squid has lost
> track of files in its spool. Is there a script to reset the spool to
> what squid thinks it is ? or should I discard all the spool ? (it was
> what I did the first time it happened)
I had the same problem with a similar version of Squid a couple of weeks
ago. The solution was to upgrade to a more recent version of Squid (I'm
currently running 1.0.12).

What had happened was, apparently, that the routines that were supposed to
take care of this particular problem were not called often enough in
earlier versions of Squid.



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